Walki®Bioska Film 501

Walki®Bioska Film 501 is a transparent packaging film. It is ideal whenever you need to put your product on display. It’s ideal for packaging products such as magazines, napkins and toilet rolls. It can even be used as shrink wrap.

  • home compostable and therefore suitable for all markets
  • has been observed to decompose in a matter of weeks at waste treatment facilities, even during the winter
  • has a pleasant feel and is easy to print on
  • its breathable structure prevents condensation forming
Technical information

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Parameter Standard Nominal value Unit Tolerance
Thickness ISO 53425mic+/- 10%
Physico-mechanical properties
ParameterStandard Nominal valueUnit
Unit weightASTM D 267331,25g/m2
Density ISO 1133 1,25g/cm³
Modulus (automatic Young's) ISO 527-3 MD1618MPa
Tensile stress at yield ISO 527-3MD75,6MPa
Tensile stress at tensile strength ISO 527-3MD80,4MPa
Tensile strain at tensile strength ISO 527-3MD4,93mm/mm
Tensile strain at break ISO 527-3MD5,11mm/mm
Tensile extension at break ISO 527-3MD255,7mm
Load at tensile strength ISO 6383-1 MD7,3N
Tear resistance ISO 6383-1 MD487N/mm
Tensile stress at tensile strength ISO 6383-1 MD19,5MPa
Barrier properties
Parameter Standard Nominal value Unit
WVTR ASTM E 96156g/m2/24h
OTR ASTM D 3985-51830cm3/m2/24h
Thermal properties
Parameter Standard Nominal value Unit
Melting pointISO 314684°C
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