Flow-pack films

Finally a compostable film that can be passed through flow-pack machines at normal speed.

Walki®Bioska Film 506

Walki®Bioska Film 506 can be passed through flow-pack machines at normal speed. Its asymmetric structure keeps sealing blades clean.

  • meets the EN 13432 industrial compostability standard
  • easy to use, seal and print on with flow-pack machines
  • durable even under demanding conditions, such as oils and salad dressings
  • can be laminated onto cardboard, cellulose-based products and a variety of compostable materials
Technical information

Our sales managers will gladly tell you more about the product properties.

ParameterStandardNominal valueUnitTolerance
ThicknessISO 53425mic+/- 10%
Physico-mechanical properties
ParameterStandardNominal valueUnit
Unit weightASTM D 267331,25g/m2
DensityISO 11331,25g/cm³
Modulus (automatic Young's)ISO 527-3MD4662MPa
Tensile stress at yieldISO 527-3MD57,3MPa
Tensile stress at tensile strength ISO 527-3MD83,1MPa
Tensile strain at tensile strength ISO 527-3MD2,64mm/mm
Tensile strain at break ISO 527-3MD2,92mm/mm
Tensile extension at break ISO 527-3MD146,1mm
Load at tensile strengthISO 6383-1MD0,30N
Tear resistanceISO 6383-1MD20,5N/mm
Tensile stress at tensile strengthISO 6383-1MD0,82MPa
Barrier properties
ParameterStandardNominal valueUnit
WVTRASTM E 96105g/m2/24h
OTRASTM D 3985-51043cm3/m2/24h
Thermal properties
ParameterStandardNominal valueUnit
Melting pointISO 3146110°C
Based on reasonable investigations, the information set out herein is accurate to our current knowledge only. We take no responsibility for information that has been provided to us by our suppliers and on which we have relied when producing the information contained herein.

And maybe your company could replace traditional plastic with Bioska?

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