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Bioska wants to make biowaste recycling easy and meaningful.

The great importance of small choices

Throwing food away accelerates climate change. Biowaste can only be utilised if it’s collected. Currently, biowaste is used in earthworks and as biogas. We can – and want – to make it easy for you to recycle biowaste.

A biomaterials expert since 1997

Bioska technology is the result of cooperation between many specialists. Continual advancements in raw materials have enabled us to develop all kinds of new applications. By running experiments with our customers, we learn which applications are the most useful. Consumers can encounter Bioska products in many different contexts throughout the day. You can read more about these products and product categories on this website.

Become a waste economy genius

Biowaste gains value when it’s recycled. Two-thirds of the biowaste produced in Finnish kitchens still ends up being incinerated. Bioska exists to make biowaste recycling both easy and meaningful, so that even more biowaste can be recovered.


Our goal: as durable as traditional plastic yet 100% compostable.


Does Bioska leave microplastics?

No. All Bioska products meet the European standard for industrial compostability EN 13432.

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) studied the decomposition of Bioska’s newest materials in both laboratory and marine conditions. The test showed that our material breaks down 100% into carbon dioxide, water and humus – even in natural conditions.


In the future, biowaste will be seen as an increasingly valuable raw material.

Bioska’s 100% compostable products

Bioska created the market for biodegradable bags in Finland and has been leading the development of fully compostable packaging materials since then. Few people know how many kinds of needs Bioska serves.

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