Biowaste is valuable stuff

Biowaste gains value when it’s recycled. Two-thirds of the biowaste produced in Finnish kitchens still ends up being incinerated. Bioska exists to make recycling biowaste so easy and pleasant that it will all be recovered.

  • The farsighted shopper

    The power of small, everyday actions lies in their repetition. Routines spare us from having to make choices all the time. A wise person will think out their routine once and then simply press repeat.

    Shopping routines involve choosing products, weighing purchases and packing them for the trip home. This test will show you which things you could change to become a more farsighted shopper.

How to use Bioska

Revamp your recycling day

Good morning! You woke up to a day in which recycling biowaste is a pure joy. Imagine that you’re holding the thinnest of silks in your hands. Now imagine how it would feel like to pick up an enormous watermelon with that silk. And what if the bottom of the biowaste bin was always dry? This experience can now be yours with our newest biowaste bag: Bioska Plus.

Life after plate

It took only ten years for landfills to vanish in Finland. They were replaced by incineration plants. Now we’re renewing our composting plants. The newest plants first produce biogas, then compost mulch.

This is how your leftovers warm homes and power cars. They’re used to nourish fields and build parks. When you sort your biowaste into Bioska bags, it will be used in the best possible way.

See where your biowaste is processed

Use the service administered by Suomen Kiertovoima ry (KIVO) to find your nearest recycling point.

Five-star leftovers

Biowaste is becoming an increasingly valuable raw material. Waste food restaurants have already been established in Finland. Apps, and at least one webstore, have been developed to sell waste food before it goes bad. In many homes, biowaste is also being recycled and processed in more creative and refined ways.

Food waste restaurants

Nolla, which opened in February 2018, recycles not only food but also other materials and energy.

Food waste recipes

You can find plenty of recipes to reduce food waste online.

Porridge can be added to bread roll dough. Boiled potatoes are great in omelettes, and meat and fish in risottos. Boiled rice can be fried the next day, and you can turn leftover pasta into a salad.


If you’re interested in composting, but are finding it difficult because you live in an apartment, you can still use bokashi to make mulch at home.

Biowaste bag origami

Got a biowaste emergency, but you’re all out of Bioska? Here’s how to make a composting bag out of newspaper.