Who would brand trash bags?

There were few players in the market for biodegradable bags when this company from Ylöjärvi stepped onto the scene in 1997. At that time, Bioska was the only more durable alternative to paper bags, which easily get damp.

Over the years, Bioska has evolved alongside its raw materials. Our seamless cooperation with raw material suppliers became a competitive advantage when demand for raw materials began to exceed supply.

The production of multilayer films was the next big step in Bioska’s development in 2010. This expanded the list of potential applications from bags and sacks to industrial packaging materials and agricultural protective films.

We reached our third major milestone in 2019, when Bioska was included in Walki’s product offering. As part of an international Group, Bioska was given the opportunity to show the vigorously growing global market what we can do in Northern Europe.

Now that we’re in a hurry to curb climate change and create a more resource-efficient future, Bioska is leading the way.

The production of multilayer films was the next big step in Bioska’s development”

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Jukka Lehtonen

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Marko Päiväniemi

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Bioska’s values

We seek to embody responsibility, innovation and courage in everything we do. Sustainable development guides all of our actions.

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We’re one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of biodegradable bags and packaging films. We have over 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing compostable materials.

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