Waste food restaurants

Loop, Finland’s first waste food restaurant, opened in Helsinki in 2016. Nolla, which opened in February 2018, recycles not only food but also other materials and energy.

An increasing number of lunch joints are selling take-away waste food. Restaurants and diners can find each other using the ResQ app. This app enables you to find not only the right lunch spot, but also to pay for your food. Fiksuruoka.fi helps to fight food waste in the retail sector by selling batches of discontinued and excess food products.

And it’s not only commercial players who are in on the game – there are also pioneers like Pakila Parish in Helsinki with its “Waste and Feast” restaurant. All methods that reduce food waste have their place, as the world is currently throwing away enough food to feed two billion people!

Households create 1.5 times more food waste than restaurants or shops. This means that, as consumers, we have a lot of power to raise the value of biowaste. But naturally, the most valuable thing you can do is to use all your food as food.

“We are throwing away enough food to feed two billion people”

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