Why do biobags excel in biowaste sorting?

As more and more households start to collect their fruit peels, eggshells and coffee grounds, the choice of bags used for sorting biowaste holds significant importance. While some opt for paper bags or even choose to skip bags altogether, compostable biobags emerge as the superior solution. In this article, we’ll tell you why!

Moisture resistance and durability

Compostable biobags serve as a barrier against potential contamination in biowaste bins. Unlike paper bags, which might absorb moisture and tear easily, biobags maintain their integrity, preventing leaks and preserving the quality of the collected biowaste.

Moreover, avoiding bags altogether can lead to spillage and difficulty in handling the waste. This can potentially create a messy and unhygienic sorting process. In winter, amidst subzero temperatures, the loose biowaste can also freeze and stick to the edges of the container.

Decomposition alongside biowaste

One of the prime advantages of compostable biobags is their ability to break down alongside the organic waste they contain. Bioska’s bags, for example, are made from plant-based materials and facilitate the organic matter’s decomposition, ensuring that both the waste and the bag can be processed in composting facilities without the need for separation.

In contrast, paper bags, while biodegradable, might not decompose as efficiently as compostable biobags and could leave behind non-organic residues.

Encouraging recycling habits

As an easy, hygienic, and durable option, compostable biobags encourage individuals to participate in waste sorting practices. In comparison, using paper bags or not using bags at all might lead to a messier sorting process, potentially discouraging people from recycling altogether.

EU has set the target of recycling at least 50 % of biowaste by 2030. To meet this target, more citizens, companies and public actors in the EU member states will need to engage in sorting biowaste. Since 1997, Bioska has helped people to recycle biowaste so that produce could rejoin the cycle of nature. If you need compostable and easy-to use solutions for collecting biowaste, please take a look at our many options here.

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