Waste food recipes

You can find plenty of recipes to reduce food waste online.

Porridge can be added to bread roll dough. Boiled potatoes are great in omelettes, and meat and fish in risottos. Boiled rice can be fried the next day, and you can turn leftover pasta into a salad. If you have any limp vegetables or slightly less-than-fresh fruit, why not puree them to make soups or smoothies? Bread that’s getting a bit dry can become pizza, bruschetta or French toast.

Using yesterday’s leftovers is a home ec skill that’s practiced all over the world, and is fostered by the Martha Organisation in Finland. Their website includes this recipe for Stablemaster’s Pudding. It’s a great way of using up dry rye bread and any berries lying forgotten at the back of the freezer.

If you feel like breaking Finnish culinary traditions, you can experiment with flavours from across the world: Jambalaya, Pad Thai and Gumbo are great ways of spicing up leftovers.

“Using food to make new food is a home ec skill”

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